General Atlantic Named Top 25 Private Equity Firm for Growth Companies of 2021 by GrowthCap

General Atlantic was selected as one of GrowthCap’s Top 25 Private Equity Firms for Growth Companies of 2021. The firm was recognized for its ability to consistently employ proprietary resources beyond capital alone to help our high-growth portfolio companies scale and create lasting value on both local and global scales.

GrowthCap curated this list by closely evaluating nominations, placing most consideration on the uniqueness of each firm’s capabilities across market intelligence, strategic analysis, operational improvements, executive networks, mergers and acquisitions, sales organization effectiveness and other key areas. Portfolio company examples of each firm’s success aiding management teams in implementing business improvements were instrumental to the ranking. GrowthCap also factored in third-party feedback received directly from CEOs, executives and other professionals.

Additionally, GrowthCap examined each firm’s culture, organizational growth over time and its commitment to ESG. These three factors were heavily correlated. The best firms had a strong culture which set the foundation for expansive organizational growth in the ensuing years. Thoughtful and integrated ESG approaches have helped to shape more cohesive interrelationships among all key stakeholders including portfolio companies, limited partners and each firm’s own employees, therefore leading to more positive cultures.

General Atlantic submitted a nomination to be considered for and, once selected, paid to be included on, and to promote inclusion on, this list.

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