MyDreamPlus secures US$120 million in Series C funding led by Hillhouse Capital and General Atlantic [:zh]梦想加完成C轮1.2亿美金融资 高瓴资本、General Atlantic领投

MyDreamPlus, a smart workspace service brand, announced today that it has completed its US$120 million Series C funding round, led by Hillhouse Capital and General Atlantic. Existing investors including JOY Capital, Ocean Link, M31 Management Fund of Giant Network Group, and K2VC also participated in this round. TH Capital acted as the sole financial advisor.

It has been four months since MyDreamPlus completed its RMB300 million Series B financing, which was led by Ocean Link, M31 Management Fund of Giant Network Group, and JOY Capital, at the end of March 2018. The completion of the Series C round of financing will support further growth for the company, allowing it to consolidate a leading position in the domestic co-working space and workspace industry.

Since it was founded in 2015, MyDreamPlus has focused on building an Office as a Service system (“OaaS”), which integrates space design, smart office management, and community operation. Currently, the company operates around 300,000 square meters of floor space across nearly 40 office units/properties in the core business districts of Beijing, Chengdu, Shanghai, Hangzhou, and Xi’an. All of the firm’s operating office units have an occupancy rate of greater than 95% when they enter concrete operational stage and reported profitability.

This round of financing will further support MyDreamPlus’ expansion into the Tier 1 cities in which it operates, such as Beijing and Shanghai, as well as into new Tier 1 cities, including Chengdu, Hangzhou, and Xi’an, and will also allow the company to increase investment into R&D and upgrade its smart office spaces.

Profitable expansion, moving onto a healthy and mature “fast track

As the OaaS product has become standardized and mature, led by a proven and healthy operational model, MyDreamPlus has started to expedite its pace of expansion. In the first half of 2018 alone, the firm’s gross contracted area was five times greater than the combined area it had operated over the previous three years. Since June, the company has opened nearly one new space every week in Beijing and Chengdu. This has led the company to become the largest co-working space in the two cities, as well as a leading player at the forefront of a growing industry.

MyDreamPlus targets offices in the core business areas, ranging from the Central Business District and Wangjing in Beijing, traditional core areas including Chunxi road in Chengdu (new Tier 1 city) to emerging central areas such as high-tech zones. New spaces are fully leased ahead of opening and customers have to reserve the new spaces two months in advance. MyDreamPlus has always adhered to the principle of “profitable expansion”, while maintaining healthy and steady growth. This is also the key reason why MyDreamPlus has attracted excellent investment institutions.

Hillhouse Capital, a lead investor in this round of funding, said: “The co-working space industry is booming around the world. Demand is particularly strong in China due to its rapid economic development and more dynamic environment. MyDreamPlus’ bespoke solution has helped companies ranging from start-ups right up to large and medium-sized enterprises to address their major demands in office spaces. The management team has improved the company’s products and has enhanced the operational and management efficiency of office spaces significantly by using technology to allocate office resources effectively. We believe that the company has the opportunity to use innovative platform to further expand its scale, and support the upgrade of the broader co-working spaces and workspace service industry. 

Product-oriented teams; Targeting hundred-billion worth “workspace service” market

Since its inception, the company has followed its founding principle of offering “smart workspace service”. More than 70% of the firm’s employees are ‘smart space’ product developers which is one of the key areas of differentiation for MyDreamPlus. In addition, MyDreamPlus’s OaaS strategic system was developed based on three principles: an independently developed Intelligent Office System, a highly standardized and efficient spatial design, and an implementation system and refined operational products that are continuously improved through big data analytics.

Eric Zhang, Managing Director and Head of China at General Atlantic, said: “MyDreamPlus has a unique service-oriented offering which has been developed through the combined use of data-driven intelligence and design. Firms of all sizes are looking for greater flexibility in their workspaces as they grow, but also want to utilize those spaces more effectively to suit evolving needs. With technology increasingly becoming a key differentiator in the workspace of the future, we believe there is a significant opportunity for MyDreamPlus to continue to grow in the domestic co-working space and workspace market.”

Realizing its vision of the “future office”, MyDreamPlus aims to be the leading brand in the workspace services market, which is estimated to be worth around RMB100 billion.


About MyDreamPlus

Founded in May 2015, MyDreamPlus is a tech company that provides shared office space to startups, freelancers, small and medium enterprises, and even satellite offices or teams from corporations. To deliver an exceptional working experience, MyDreamPlus has developed a unique product called “OaaS” (Office as a Service), which is a combination of outstanding interior design, a smart office system, and an innovative approach towards community operation.

About Hillhouse Capital

Founded in 2005, Hillhouse Capital is a global firm of investment professionals and operating executives who are focused on building and investing in high quality business franchises that achieve sustainable growth. Independent proprietary research and industry expertise, in conjunction with world-class operating and management capabilities, are key to Hillhouse Capital’s investment approach.  Hillhouse Capital partners with exceptional entrepreneurs and management teams to create value, often with a focus on enacting innovation and technological transformation. Hillhouse Capital invests in the healthcare, consumer, TMT, advanced manufacturing, financials and business services sectors in companies across all equity stages. Hillhouse manages capital for global institutional clients such as university endowments, foundations, sovereign wealth funds, and family offices.

About General Atlantic

General Atlantic is a leading global growth equity firm providing capital and strategic support for growth companies. Established in 1980, General Atlantic combines a collaborative global approach, sector specific expertise, a long-term investment horizon and a deep understanding of growth drivers to partner with great entrepreneurs and management teams to build exceptional businesses worldwide. General Atlantic has more than 130 investment professionals based in New York, Amsterdam, Beijing, Greenwich, Hong Kong, London, Mexico City, Mumbai, Munich, Palo Alto, São Paulo, Shanghai, and Singapore.[:zh]专注智能办公体验的办公服务品牌梦想加,于今日宣布完成1.2亿美金C轮融资,高瓴资本、General Atlantic美国泛大西洋投资集团领投,此前投资方愉悦资本、鸥翎投资(Ocean Link)、巨人集团旗下的M31 Management、险峰长青均参与跟投,本次融资由泰合资本担任独家财务顾问。

距离梦想加3月底完成由鸥翎投资(Ocean Link)、巨人集团旗下的M31 Management、愉悦资本领投的3亿人民币B轮系列融资过去4个月,此C轮融资的完成,标志着梦想加进一步锁定在国内联合办公及办公服务行业头部位置。

梦想加自2015年成立以来,专注打造集合智能办公、设计产品、空间运营三者的OaaS(Office as a Service,办公即服务)体系,目前布局运营北京、成都、上海、杭州、西安等城市核心商业区约30万平米、近40个办公空间。所有开业空间进入成熟运营期均达到95%以上满租率并实现项目盈利。


盈利式扩张 步入健康成熟快车道

随着OaaS体系产品日趋标准、完善,健康运营模式得以验证,梦想加开始不断刷新布局扩张速度:仅2018年上半年,签约面积即为过去三年运营面积总和的五倍 ;而从6月开始,北京、成都则以接近一周一个新空间的速度陆续落地开业,成为两地最大规模联合办公空间,可谓是整个行业快车道上的领跑者。



产品化团队 瞄准办公服务人民币千亿级市场

 从创立之初即锁定了“智能化办公服务”的初衷。团队70%以上均为智能、空间产品研发人员,这是梦想加特立独行于行业的其中差异基因之一。独立开发的智效办公系统、功能性与标准化并重的空间设计产品以及依托大数据和智能平台实现的精细化运营产品,三者共同构成了梦想加 “OaaS (Office as a Service,办公即服务)体系”。





梦想加是⼀一个专注科技办公体验的智能共享办公空间品牌,成立于2015 年5 月。梦想加致力于服务初创及小型公司、大中型企业及其分支机构以及流动办公人群,通过输出”OaaS (“Office as a Service,办公即服务) ”产品体系,利用空间设计、智能空间管理以及社区运营产品,打造舒适、高效、开放的企业办公服务体验。



高瓴资本是一家专注于长期结构性价值投资的公司, 以其卓越的投资业绩在全球投资界享有盛誉。高瓴资本由张磊先生于2005年创立,经过十余年的发展,现已成为全球领先的投资管理机构,同时也是亚洲地区资产管理规模最大的专业私募股权基金之一。高瓴资本受托管理的资金主要来自于目光长远的全球性机构投资人,包括全球顶尖大学的捐赠基金、主权财富基金、养老基金及家族基金等。作为具有全球视野的长期结构性价值投资者,高瓴资本通过汇集专业投资与运营人才,专注投资和构建可持续发展的优质商业生态。独立自主的研究、行业专长和世界级的运营及管理能力,一直是其投资方法论的核心。高瓴资本的投资覆盖医疗健康、消费与零售、TMT、先进制造、金融及企业服务等领域,并且横跨股权投资的全部阶段。




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