General Atlantic Portfolio

Our portfolio companies are already on a strong growth trajectory — our goal is to enhance it. We have a solid track record of delivering strategic, practical and impactful support to our portfolio companies.

Today Inc. ×

Today Inc. is a leading Chinese convenience store brand which utilizes a tech-enabled, next-generation retail model to offer customers a differentiated experience.

  • Sector: Consumer
  • Headquarters: Wuhan, China
  • Year Invested: 06/01/2018
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Sun Art ×

Sun Art Retail is a leading hypermarket operator in China.

Kaiyuan New Century Hotel Group ×

Kaiyuan New Century Hotel Group is one of the largest private hotel groups in China with a portfolio of upscale to mid-tier brands, predominantly operating in eastern China and with a growing international presence.

  • Sector: Consumer
  • Headquarters: Hangzhou, China
  • Year Invested: 12/05/2016
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Zhongsheng ×

Zhongsheng is one of the leading national automobile dealership groups in China.

Xiabu Xiabu ×

Xiabu Xiabu is a quick service restaurant chain in China specializing in Chinese hotpot cuisine.

  • Sector: Consumer
  • Headquarters: Beijing, China
  • Year Invested: 12/12/2012
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Tenfu ×

Tenfu is a leading tea brand and retailer of tea products in China.

  • Sector: Consumer
  • Headquarters: Zhangzhou, China
  • Year Invested: 09/22/2011
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