Anton Levy Named to Forbes’ Midas List of Top Venture Capital Investors for Tenth Consecutive Year

Anton Levy, Co-President, Managing Director, and Chairman of General Atlantic’s Global Technology Group was ranked #73 out of 100 tech investors to Forbes’ 23rd annual Midas List of Top Tech Investors for 2024. This marks Anton’s inclusion on the list for the tenth consecutive year.

To qualify for Forbes’ Midas List, investors are ranked by portfolio companies that have gone public or been acquired for at least $200 million in the past five years, or that have at least doubled their private valuation to $400 million or more over the same period.

In collaboration with TrueBridge Capital Partners, Forbes’ annual Midas List is produced through a combination of public data sources, confidential submissions of hundreds of investment partners across several firms, industry information, and historical lists to create a comprehensive set of data points. Reviewed by the editorial team, rankings are then decided based on deal value, size of exit, or valuation for each VC’s investment. These rankings, alongside a review by institutional investors and venture experts, decide each VC investor’s position on the List.

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