• Season 2, Episode 4
  • November 29, 2023

Laying the Foundation for Connectivity in Global Emerging Markets Gabriel Caillaux, General Atlantic's Head of EMEA and Global Head of Climate, speaks with Vittorio Colao, Vice Chairman of EMEA and former Vodafone CEO, about his rise to leadership within telecommunications and how his corporate and government experiences inform the strategic counsel he provides to GA’s investment teams and portfolio companies to drive value in our investments.

Gabriel Caillaux

Head of EMEA and Global Head of Climate

Vittorio Colao

Vice Chairman of EMEA

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In this Episode

  • Hear about how the book, “The Death of Distance” originally convinced Vittorio of the power and potential of digital connectivity.
  • Vittorio’s comparison of the benefits and drawbacks of running a so-called challenger versus an incumbent company.
  • A behind-the-scenes account of the succession planning process at Vodafone and Vittorio’s perspective on how to develop professionally.
  • Vittorio’s perspective on the enormous opportunities presented by emerging markets and the nuance of navigating regional and sectoral differences.
  • Vittorio being called to national service in Italy by former Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi to drive the pandemic response and his first-hand account of global crisis management, including how to find the best talent quickly.

“And that’s what I keep repeating to all CEOs, don’t think you can do everything yourself but focus on where you really add value.”

– Vittorio Colao, Vice Chairman of EMEA

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